OC Chew

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The Original Colorado Clean for lightning fast detox results!

2 pieces of gum per package.



  1. Abstain for 2-5 hours depending on testing device but for NO LESS than 2 hours for desired results.
  2. Chew one piece of gum 5 minutes before test.
  3. Chew entire piece with mouth shut until fizzing stops.
  4. Swish the liquid from the gum for 2 minutes minimum around your mouth.  Focus on your cheeks, tongue and below your tongue.  Then spit or swallow.
  5. Your saliva will test clean for 20 minutes after your last swish.
  6. If more than 20 minutes passes before your test, chew the other piece of gum and repeat steps 2 through 4.

**We are currently backordered for a couple months. All orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
OC Chew
OC Chew Detox Gum
OC Chew Detox Gum