About Us

Our Story;

You won't find anyone more passionate about glass than CEO Nicholas "Nich" Waterhouse and his team of artisans at Waterhouse Glass. Each one of our glasses is a unique work of art – a balance of form, function and design. Our pipes are truly beautiful, useful and fun. They are artistically designed to allow our customers the fullest, purest smoking experience.

We care about every detail of our glass: the material we use to make them, their artistry, how they feel in your hands, and the way the holes are pointed in the bowls so that ash doesn't come back into your mouth. To that end, Waterhouse Glass uses only the finest, American-made products. Our glass tubing is Pyrex-brand, scientific-grade. We strive to source from American-owned and operated small businesses. We're part of a community of glass blowers and you'll feel that community spirit in each of our handmade products.

The glass blowing industry has been around since about 30 BC, and we love the opportunity to blend the ancient art with modern techniques as we create one-of-a-kind glass that have special meaning for you. And while you enjoy the pure flavors of your tobacco, you don't have to worry about the durability of your glass. We purposely make our glass thick, so they are less likely to break when heated or if dropped. What's more, when purchasing a glass, you likely don't think about heat capacity, thermal conductivity, or the coefficients of thermal expansion – three essential factors that must be contemplated when making glass. Fortunately, you don't have to; we do it for you.

As a master glassblower, Nich has worked in the industry for more than 18 years. After more than a decade refining his skills, he turned to his passion for glass, making a few for family and friends. He quickly found that others were also passionate about the glass he created. Hence, Waterhouse Glass was born. We are a family-focused business. We love our craft. Each artisan is allowed to insert his or her individual creativity into each piece, which instills a love affair between the artisan and the art.

Our glasses are a beauty to behold. Our customers collect them, smoke with them, and love to talk about them. We hope you will do the same.